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     Freddie Hart and evangelist Bill Graham The Smithfield Times, Volume 53, Number 15, 12 April 1972 (Virginia Chronicle Library, of Virginia.) Howard Cossell at the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival May 5 – 7, l972 Cosell joins a steadily growing list of celebrities who will converge upon the – Apple Capital for it 45th annual fete, to include famed evangelist BILLY GRAHAM as Grand Marshall, and country music headline FREDDIE HART as Firemen’s Marshall.

FREDDIE HART Country Music Legend Award

FREDDIE HART whose music career started in 1952 has been highlighted “through the years” with many awards, inductions into the Halls Of Fame but this most recent honor came from  this past March 2017 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Freddie Hart came out this past spring with his newest release album of ten songs called “Let’s Witness For The Lord” and this award show followed with the honor of being the 2017 recipient of the Country Music Legend Award!  It was most fitting that David Frizzell was there to celebrate with Freddie Hart as David’s brother Lefty was the person Freddie attributes to helping him get his start in the industry when he played in Lefty’s band and was introduced to Capitol Record label.  Freddie Hart has had a lifetime of success but one never wants to get ahead of themselves as he will tell you that it is the many generous gifts and the kindness of others that has propelled him “through the years” and he remains a most humble and gracious FREDDIE HART and so thankful to “everyone” for their support.



Frederick Segrest, known professionally as Freddie Hart

Frederick Segrest, known professionally as Freddie Hart                           FREDDIE HART is a man of integrity, faith, and determination that leaves a legacy for everything he did, done well and with documentation and awards to highlight those accomplishments. We talk about singer songwriter legends and then there is ONE Freddie Hart who truly can’t be compared to many others.  Freddie Hart is a well known name gaining so much of his fame from the song, “Easy Loving” and given the Country Music Association (CMA) awards in l971 and l972 for it!   He charted 30 singles between l957 and l987 and then started to include Gospel Music and recording 200 songs overall!

    He was born in Loachapoka, Alabama in a very large family of 15 children, and grew up in nearby Phenix, Alabama where he has the honor of a street named after him!   At 12 years old…yes TWELVE YEARS OLD, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corp and at FOURTEEN YEARS OLD enlisted in the Marine Corp (I believe he did really fibb on his age) and spent time in Guam and Iwo Jima in the Pacific during World War II.
    Freddie is such an interesting man.  As a child, he did everything practically that there was to do in the nearby area, from working in the cotton fields, lumber jacking and even washing dishes and flipping burgers! He had an interest in martial arts and liked acrobatics, earning a 4th to 6th degree Black Belt in Jujitsu and Judo,and taught when he got out of the service living in California. To make it more interesting Freddie is another kind of artist and likes to paint!  
    Freddie now goes between California and Nashville to his studio, to record music.  The list is quite long for those who have recorded some of his 200 recorded songs.  In 1950 he moved to California and joined Lefty Frizzel’s band shortly after when introduced to Capitol Records where Carl Smith recorded “Loose Talk: his very first number one song in l955.  He is in the Hall of Fame in Alabama, Colorado, Idaho,Arkansas and Life Time Achievement Awards, as well as MANY others including the more well known CMA awards for “Easy Loving” and this recent award earlier this month, from NACMAI, North American Country Music Assoc International in Pigeon Forge.  His Gospel Songs are titled, “Heavenly Wonderful, Heavenly Beautiful” and another, “Where He Leads Me” from a few year’s ago.
     Those who know him best know that he would be the first to say that he is more of a “lover” than a “fighter” and a deep belief in God keeps him centered.  His success is well earned and being a motivated individual has enjoyed a storied and wonderful life and at 90 (don’t say that too loud) he is still living life to his fullest out of sheer determination and a love of life for each and every day!  His most recent release, “Let’s Witness For The Lord” with ten songs where you will find that comforting and familiar style of the one and only, Freddie Hart sharing music and living life fully! 
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