FREDDIE HART Country Music Legend Award

FREDDIE HART whose music career started in 1952 has been highlighted “through the years” with many awards, inductions into the Halls Of Fame but this most recent honor came from  this past March 2017 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Freddie Hart came out this past spring with his newest release album of ten songs called “Let’s Witness For The Lord” and this award show followed with the honor of being the 2017 recipient of the Country Music Legend Award!  It was most fitting that David Frizzell was there to celebrate with Freddie Hart as David’s brother Lefty was the person Freddie attributes to helping him get his start in the industry when he played in Lefty’s band and was introduced to Capitol Record label.  Freddie Hart has had a lifetime of success but one never wants to get ahead of themselves as he will tell you that it is the many generous gifts and the kindness of others that has propelled him “through the years” and he remains a most humble and gracious FREDDIE HART and so thankful to “everyone” for their support.



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  1. What a wonderful legend we have in this awesome man, Freddie Hart!! An absolute treasure and an honor to mankind… if only more men were ‘like’ him… but there is only ONE Freddie Hart!!!

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